Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cisco CME Station ID for DID FXS FXO Port Config

In my previous post "Dealing with Multiple Incoming Phone Lines - Cisco CME", you will know we were looking for a way to monitor incoming calls and report prank calls.

In searching for Caller ID programming on a Cisco CME, I came across the station-id command for FXO, FXS and DID ports.

Since we are not subscribing to our Telco providers incoming call display, this command allows us to assign a name (or number) to calls coming in on the voice-ports.

If we were using the Telco's call display, we would need to use the ephone-dn forwarding setup in the previously mentioned post.

Incoming Call
Now all incoming and outgoing calls are now labeled with the Line 50x and DID 30x. (x referring to the line number)

voice-port 0/0/0
  station-id name Line 501
voice-port 0/1/3
 station-id name Line 508

Outgoing Call
Why use 50x and 30x?  - Park codes are 10x and if you look at the dial pad L is #5 and D is #3.

Since we can't call out on a DID port, the station-id helps us report troubles to our Telco provider.

The station-id number command would assign a E164 number to that port.  However, some people might get confused and think that is the number of the person calling.

We using the FXS port for paging, so we simply call it "Paging".

voice-port 0/2/0
 station-id name Paging