Thursday, April 2, 2015

Removing a Lync Contact using Powershell and XML

Back in February I posted about adding contacts to Lync Groups.
However, what happens when you spell the contact address wrong and you just imported that into your 1000+ clients contact list...

Well, you need to find a way to remove the contact from the XML file.
I could have restored the backup files to the user accounts... but didn't think of that until I got this solution working. *

After trying to create an XML script tath use the same script in the previous post, but this time we will replace the offending string with blanks.

Add this to the Configurable Variables section
#Delete this line from XML
$Variable = @'
<Contact Buddy="" SubscribePresence="1" Groups="1 20" />
$CommonContact = "" # The one that is spelled wrong.

In the Process-Contacts Function,

Change If ($ContactsToAdd) to If ($ContactsToAdd) 

Remove the $ContactsToAdd section and replace it with.

$DeleteRecord = (Get-Content "$WorkingFolder\DocItemSet.xml") |
    ForEach-Object {$_ -replace $Variable, ""} |
    Set-Content "$WorkingFolder\DocItemSet.xml"

* This does remove the contact from the user's visual list of contacts.  However, when the user's contact info is exported, the old contact is still there just not listed in any groups which is why it doesn't appear in the client.

In short, double check spelling and try it on a test account.

To change the script from all users to 1 users change...
$AllSipAddresses = Get-CsUser -Identity -Filter {Enabled -eq $True} | Select SipAddress | %{$_.SipAddress.Replace('sip:','')}

Original Post about adding groups found here on Roland Paix's IT Blog

More on the custom Lync rooms found here.